Sailing Yacht SEA BUNNY

Our personal backgrounds

Some of what we did in our lives before going cruising

Just a very short introduction to us


I have a background in nursing and hold several management qualifications. I retired from my final role as Head of Clinical Practice for Nursing and Professions Allied to Medicine for a South London NHS Trust in September 2000.


Graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences. Worked most of my career in the field of industrial control systems. Chartered Engineer. Retired December 2000 from the engineering consultancy for whom I worked for 28 years, finishing as the divisional director responsible for business in communications and industrial control.


We have been married a long while! Our 3 children, Nicholas (Nik), James and Catharine (Cath) are now adult and making their own way in life with their respective partners. We have four grandsons, Joshua, Jake, Archie and Max.

We moved onto SEA BUNNY full time in March 2001.

Like most people we can get tired and and can be short-tempered at times, usually with each other. We are fairly normal human beings - we get tired and then can be short tempered! We like good food and drink in moderation. We are reasonably fit for our age and do not smoke.

We enjoy visiting some of the remoter parts of the world and gaining an appreciation of how others live.

We amuse ourselves by playing board games, walking diving and snorkelling. Of course we do a fair amount of boat maintenance and have developed skills we didn't know we had (and in some cases wish we hadn't had to develop!)



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