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SEA BUNNY, our yacht since 1998, left from Chichester in the UK in March 2001 on the first stage of her potential circumnavigation.

We started with 3 months fitting out in Guernsey before heading down the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal to join the 2001-3 Blue Water Rally in Gibraltar., leaving there at the end of October for the Canary Islands and Antigua.


The route tooks us south from Antigua as far as the Genadines, then West to the Dutch Antilles and through the Panama Canal to Galapagos, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Nuie, Tonga  and  Fiji, where we left the rally in July and went on to New Zealand in October, after some major maintenance

2003 and 2004.

In 2003 we visited Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, returning to New Zealand, where medical issues kept us through 2004.

2005 and 2006

We returned to the South Pacific, visiting all four archipelagos of Tonga then Samoa, Wallis, Fiji and Vanuatu before reaching Australia in November 2005.

For the summer of 2005-6 we cruised down to Sydney, arriving just before Christmas. The weather was too boisterous to continue to Tasmania and the boat developed problems so we spent the summer in Sydney, returning to Scarborough Marina near Brisbane in May. We spent most of the winter there returning in November from a six-week trip to the UK, our first in two years.

After 3 weeks we were off to Thailand for a reunion of some of the 2001-3 Blue Water Rally, following which we spent 3 weeks in Cambodia, including 10 days at Siem Reap, for the Angkor Wat ruins.


After another short stay back on the boat in January -not too hot and humid - we flew to Melbourne for a 10-week, 11000 km land tour taking in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart and more importantly a lot of country between.

At the end of March 2007 we started to head north from Scarborough, initially to Mooloolaba to lift out. After various issues we didn't leave there until the end of June. We spent some time in the Whitsundays and the adjacent reefs before heading further north to Cairns.

By Melbourne Cup Day (1st Tuesday in November - a big event in Australia) we were in Bundaberg before basing Sea Bunny in Mooloolaba for the summer.....


....the later part of which we spent in the Europe, mostly th UK but a week skiing in France.

June and the early part of July found us sailing north from Mooloolaba and then west to Darwin to join the Sail Indonesia rally reaching singapore in October, followed by the Sail Malaysia rally.


We continued into Thailand and spent a month in The Surin and Similan Islands NW of Phuket followed by 4 months on the hard at Boat Lagoon in Phuket for some major refurbishments then back to Rebak Island, Langkawi to leave the boat for two months while we visited the UK.

Sea Bunny spent Christmas 2009 and the New Year in Phuket.


Jan-Feb 2010 saw a visit to the Andaman Islands. After a week back in Phuket we were back to Rebak to leave the boat for a month in the UK. In early May we joined the Sail Malaysia Passage to the East rally in Kuah, Langkawi and sailed or, mostly, motored virtually the entire caostline of Malaysia up to the Perhentian Islands, then across to East Malaysia (Borneo) and all the way round to Tawau near the border with Indonesian East Kalimantan. Christmas and New Year 2010/11 were spent in Singapore.


We headed back up to Langkawi, arriving early February. A couple of weeks in Rebak and a two-week circumnavigation of Langkawi preceeded our UK visit in April-May.

We had a month in Phuket in July/August before returning to Rebak for some land travelling - Myanmar (Burma), Laos and northern Thailand.

Christmas 2011 was spent in Nai Harn Bay, Phuket and New Year in Panwa Bali, Phuket.


We started 2012 with a trip up the west coast of Thailand as far as Koh Phayam, just south of the Myanmar border followed by visits to the Surin and Similan island groups. Much of the rest of 2012 was spent with Sea Bunny on the hard at Boat Lagoon, Phuket. We escaped from there in time to spend Christmas in Nai Harn again.


After finally (we thought) leaving Thailand at the end of January we had nearly 2 months at Rebak, during which time we replaced the generator and then made our way down the Malacca straits to Puteri Harbour, where we left Sea Bunny while we went to the UK. In July we moved on to One15 in Singapore, where we intended to stay for 2 weeks for a major engine service, but delays extended this to a month before we left on the 20 mile trip to Nongsa Point in Indonesia.

After an unscheduled trip to the UK in September for the funeral of Susan's mother (104!) our voyage to South Africa was postponed to 2014.

We took the opportunity to visit the Anambas Islands in the South China Sea and then returned up the Malacca Strait for Christmas.


Back in Singapore in May 2014, again on final preparations, we were once more delayed  until 2015!

We reurned to Phuket for Christmas and Ko Phayam for the new Year


Lift out at Rebak then back down to Puteri. In May we are back in Singapore, this time at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, getting ready for another attempt at the Indian Ocean. It's actually happening this time. June saw us transitting Indonesia and out through the Sunda Strait into the Indian Ocean, arriving at Cocos Keeling at the end of the month. By the end of July we were in Rodrigues, leaving there for Mauritius at the end of August then La Réunion and South Africa, arriving in Richards Bay on 2 November and moving to Durban before Christmas, driving to Cape Town for the festive season.


Leaving Durban in early January we rounded to southern tip of South Africa to Cape Town. As well as some boat jobs and equipment replacements we put in a visit to Victoria Falls and a 3-week camping tour of Namibia before leaving for St Helena in March. After a week there Sea Bunny moved on again towards Brazil. We left her in Jacaré for a trip to the UK and then for some land touring in Brazil. In August we were on the move again - non-stop to Tobago for 10 days then on to Trinidad to lift out and have the damage sustained in Tuzi Gazi repaired. We left Sea Bunny there until November while we returned again to the UK.

While in the UK we bought a house! It's in South Somerset between Shaftesbury and Sherborne. We spent 10 days there between taking ownership and returning to Trinidad. We will move in fully on our return to the UK - expected mid 2017.

Sea Bunny is back in the water - 13 December 2016. Spent Christmas in Trinidad then moved up to Grenada for the new year.


2017 - closed the loop

Carriacou, still Grenada,was the next island in the chain for a few days.

On 20 January, while crossing to Union Island (St Vincent and the Grenadines) we crossed our outbound track from when we left Union Island for the ABCs on 22 January 2002 -  14 years, 364 days and 5 hours before - so we have now completed a circumnavigation!.

From Union Island Sea Bunny headed north in the Caribbean. We were joned in St Lucia by Catharine, Archie and Max for three weeks during which time we also visited Martinique. ontinuing north we got as far as Antigua before setting off for Bermuda, The Azores and the UK.

Sea Bunny is now berthed in Portland Marina.

2018 "Dirt dwellers"

Only a little sailing this year as we get the house and garden into shape. A few days with grandchildren along the Dorset coast to Poole and a raft-up with son Nik's boat Ampè and a month sailing to France, the Channel Isles and the West Country.

Sea Bunny remains berthed in Portland Marina.

2019 - Plymouth

Sea Bunny moved to Plymouth at the end of March and we have been carrying out some work.

We have owned Sea Bunny for 21 years and she has been our home for 16 of those years. However, we now feel it is time to move on with our lives and consequently, with much regret,


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