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Physical, telephone and email contacts

This is how to get in touch with us.

Physical address

Please send an email or SMS us for the best address.


 Active phones at present are:

UK: +44 7710 329351  active, preferred, smartphone

UK: +44 7484 104324 active, smartphone

Active means we look for messages occasionally - not that the phone is immediately to hand and switched on (although it may be).  The "preferred" phone is usually on.

Please send a text message if we don't answer.


If we haven't given you an email address you can contact us at

Email addresses published on the website tend to attract a lot of spam so we use this address as a filter.We should receive emails sent to it eventually but it is not continuously monitored.

With the discontinuation of our Mini M and iSatPhone Inmarsat services the associated skyfile and mailasail email addresses are no longer in use.

Errors on website

If you notice any errors in this website, particularly in the Anchorages and Pilotage pages, please let us know at


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Last updated from Henstridge UK 2 September 2019

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