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Links to related websites and acknowledgements

On this page we give web links to clubs, suppliers and other boats related to ourselves, Sea Bunny or the cruise.  We also acknowledge contributions to the content or construction of the website where this has been done more specifically in the body of the site


Channel Sailing Club

Our club in the UK. Provides opportunities for non-boat owners to go sailing and for boat owners to meet crew. Based in Epsom, Surrey and sailing mostly from the Solent area.

Hallberg Rassy

The site for the Hallberg Rassy yard in Sweden. Contains details of all the boats models in the marque as well as numerous photographs of Hallberg Rassys around the world.

Ocean Cruising Club

We qualified for membership of this club,for which an ocean passage of over 1000 miles is required, by our Atlantic and Pacific crossings.

The Monuments of the Angkor Group

The guidebook to Angkor that we used

Photographic credits

Most of the photos used in this site were taken by us. Where we have included pictures taken by others we have tried to give appropriate credit. Please accept our apologies if you recognise your photo and you are not credited, or incorrectly credited. Lert us know and we will rectify this.

If you would like a full definition copy (usually 4MB JPEG) of a photo from the site please let us know by email, identifying yourself, your organisation (if any) and giving the intended use.

In particular thanks to:

David and Katie Jeffs

Stuart Simpson and Nanette Black (Catamaran Truest Passion)

Judy Handley (S/Y Windbird)

Paul & Judy Rodenhuis (S/Y Meridian of Sydney)


Website contruction credits

The newer parts of the site were contructed using Microsoft Expression Web 4 based on the original constructed using Pure SEO CMS.

We stopped using the latter as we wished to expand the structure of the site and the help documentation was insufficient to show us how to do this.  Also the program had various instabilities which resulted in the apparent loss of whole pages and necessitated delving into the data files to repair.

We have abandoned the use of Microsoft Silverlight for the production of slide shows. Apparently Microsoft have abandoned this software and will only support it for a limited time. It also does not work on iPads

Some of our  use   WOW Slider which require only HTML and Java to give a result very similar to the previous shows. This will now become our standard. Some of the older shows use iFrames as in the Pure SEO CMS framework.

Javascripts used on the site have been downloaded from the internet:

JavaScript Menu by TwinHelix Designs





Updated from Henstridge, UK 18 December 2018

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