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Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 newsletter

Our activities since the 2013 news letter

This has become a bit repetitive - we didn't go to South Africa - again. That makes 3 postponements! Sea Bunny will be in the Thailand again this Christmas.

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Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year 2014

Contrary to expectations, we are still in S.E. Asia. Now, if you are thinking of visiting Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam or Thailand we would be happy to share our knowledge with you. China was never in our sights because of the pollution – when the wind is from that country, or the paddy fields in Sumatra are burning it can be distinctly unpleasant here too. We also now have experience of inpatient healthcare in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which were all very good. Have we put down roots? We don’t think so.

This time last year we were making our way up to Thailand for Christmas and we are in the process of doing the same at the moment.


After last Christmas Sea Bunny sailed back through Malaysia visiting some of our favourite haunts. With the humidity being 90% it was so very sticky that we yearned for somewhere cool to walk. North West Vietnam fitted the bill nicely even if it was really cold and the hotels were not heated. Our blog contains detail.

Liferaft service

Easter was spent doing the UK run which was very enjoyable. Back to Malaysia in May we kept a watchful eye on the politics in Indonesia regarding boats transiting the county and moved to Singapore to provision Sea Bunny for the passage to South Africa.

Susan’s right shoulder hurt slightly at night. One MRI later in Singapore revealed a rotator cuff tear and nasty bony bit which ground into it when she winched but caused no pain. We laughed when surgery was advised as we knew that South Africa had to go on a back burner for another year. Surgery was in June and six weeks later saw us moving Sea Bunny across the Johor Strait to Malaysia with Susan just managing to helm but no deck work.

Loft workers
Schoolboy Max

As our house tenant was moving out the delay offered an opportunity to return to the UK and empty the enormous loft. Catharine and grandson Archie became excellent loft workers. This was a busy happy time as the emotional aspect had been dealt with when the house was emptied in 2001. Richard had regular assignations with the charity shop round the corner. Living there again was enjoyable and, while we have accepted an offer, we are in a “chain” so nothing is yet definite but we are keeping our fingers crossed. It is probable that we will purchase another house, the only definite is that it will be near the coast so we don’t miss the sea.

J4 family

As you know rehabilitation takes commitment and time. In Singapore and Malaysia via the marinas we were fortunate to have access to swimming pools for part of the daily exercise routine. Richard became expert at pulling Susan’s upper body about and finding places to do the exercises on Sea Bunny was a bit of a challenge. But being ever resourceful yachties we managed.

After four month post-surgery in October and nearly 100% fit again she was able to fully participate and enjoy sailing Sea Bunny back up the coast of Malaysia toward Thailand. It was, however, a correct decision not to attempt the Indian Ocean crossing during the second of the annual weather windows in September.

You have to be fit to go sailing so watch this space next year.

We send our love and the compliments of the season to you and yours.

Susan & Richard

Rebak Island Marina, Langkawi, Malaysia - leaving soon to anchor in lagoon behind Tanjung Rhu





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