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Christmas 2009 newsletter

A summary of our activities for the year November 2008 - November 2009

No hectic sailing this year, in fact we were land-lubbers for half the time.

Leaving Singapore in November 2008, Christmas in Malaysia, January and early February in Phuket and the offshore islands of Thailand's west coast, a long maintenance period, a UK visit and back to Malaysia - where did the year go?


One of the main things to acclimatise to in SE Asia is the humidity 70% to 100% combined with temperatures in the 30s which makes for uncomfortable working conditions so in Singapore we succumbed and air conditioning was installed - good for when alongside!

Christmas & New Year

It was lovely to arrive in the marina (which was totally refurbished after the tsunami) on Rebak Island, Malaysia to find Christmas parcels from all of our children. The festive season was spent there under the hospitality of the resort (4 star Taj) with access to all facilities so we stayed for the New Year as well.

The Surins & Similans

In January with our chums Stuart and Nanette on Truest Passion, Sea Bunny sailed up the north west coast of Thailand near to the Myanmar border to the Surin and Similian islands where we snorkelled and dived in relatively clear waters. On the way back down we admired the karst islets in Phang Nga bay.

Major maintenance

Major maintenance

We had intended to tour Laos and Vietnam but Mrs Nai, the recommended woodwork specialist in Phuket for teak decks, had a vacancy in this the dry north-east monsoon so Sea Bunny was on the hard in Phuket for four months while we were ensconced in an hotel room (very cheap rates) virtually overlooking her.

Picture left: The capping rail comes off

Major maintenance

....and new deck goes on

Local restaurant (DSC08425).jpg

Reasonably priced food could be found by biking out and running across the busy dual three-lane highway to café in the evenings.

S birthday 2009 (Judy's Photos 010).jpg

Susan's birthday was a reason for an evening out to a uniquely Thai (ladyboy) cabaret.

Appearances can be deceptive!

(Photo credits: Judy Handley, S/Y Windbird)

Being out of the water it was an invitation to repair the now known damage done by "that log" in the Malacca Straits and inevitably do other jobs too . By the end it felt as if every screw had been replaced and what was not fixed had been back to the room for washing and refurbishment. We were really looking forward to a break in the UK.

Life's milestones

Life's milestones

This trip was timed to coincide with Susan's mother's 100th birthday, which was celebrated with afternoon tea at the nursing home, and our 40th Ruby wedding anniversary, which we spent quietly in Suffolk.

Photo: Susan's mother on her 100th birthday with granddaughter Catharine

Back to Asia

Back to Asia

Now back in Thailand we are exploring further the delights of Phang Nga Bay with its hongs (collapsed caves - hong is Thai for room), sheer islands and stacks.


Tragic accidents to several of our sailing friends.

Watching the Somali pirate attacks unfold whether on the Red Sea or Indian Ocean routes.

Unsuccessfully trying to get our Thai visas extended, without having to leave the country. No amount of letters from contractors, photos of boat work in hand or money being spent in their country could change their minds as they insisted we had to go to Malaysia and spend money there in order to collect a free visa allowing us to come back to spend money in Thailand.


That we are still talking to each other after all these years!

The supportive network in Edinburgh of Catharine and Sarah for Susan's Mother.

Having a daughter in law like Louisa, who agreed to oversee the internal redecoration of our house while it was between tenants so that we did not have to fly back for this. We cannot thank her enough.

Seeing the young men of the family Josh (10), Jake (7) and Archie (3) and noting their development in the last twelve months.

Not having to refuel Sea Bunny from jerrycans - there are fuel berths at marinas here!.

Catching up with old friends and the fun of making new.

With best wishes for the festive season and 2010

To all our friends - please keep in touch and drop us an email


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