To lower the mast the strop is carefully positioned so mast is well balanced Once the mast is secured by the strop the supporting stays can be released The crane lowers the mast towards the waiting supports While the base is supported on the ground the mast can be carefully lowered onto the support Fittings are removed and labelled and the old teak prised off Ripping the deck off gets ahead of removal of fittings Large fittings are hung on the tent frame Once the fittings are off the capping rail can be removed All fittings were carefully labelled with their location before being stored What a clean deck<br/>The hundreds of screw holes were all filled Battens are temporarily fixed to aid bending the planks Sea Bunny in her tent<br/>Sunday - no workers except us Work progresses below decks too		The main cabin headlining comes down for refurbishment Laying the decks was a surprisingly quick process Heavy rain became more frequent in April and May All the headlining down			Removed and taken to Mr Pehs shop for recovering The blue bands on the topsides and cockpit were resprayed Mast is back on - we need to tension so we can re-connect the forestay and backstay Probably not bronze<br/>We found severely corroded and brittle skin fittings and replaced the lot The boat is suspended in slings so the antifoul can be completed where the cradle supports were
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